(Inspire Pro 1.2)
"Inspire Pro has easily the best color blending system of any painting app I have used. With the Dry Brush toggle button to apply and blend colors together, the workflow is incredibly fast and reminds me of working with oil paints."
- Kyle Lambert (Inspire Pro 1.2)
"While the app is easy enough to use for beginners, professional artists will be able to harness Inspire Pro to its fullest and bring their masterpieces to life."
- Gwen Phua (Inspire Pro 1.2)
"I have found Inspire Pro to be the most responsive and the most realistic of the apps I have used. My favorite part of the app is blending colors using the dry brush. My wife actually paints on canvas and she also found Inspire Pro’s dry brush to be very realistic."
- Randy Herring (Inspire Pro 1.0.1)
"For those who have been waiting for the digital means to replace their canvas — your app is here and you should buy it. Inspire Pro is a powerfully simple platform that will enable artists and doodlers everywhere to create beautiful works."
- Samuel L. Lytle (Inspire Pro 1.0.1)
"There is no shortage of art apps on Apple’s App Store, but the number of truly good ones is a short list indeed. Add Inspire Pro to the top of any and all of those lists, as it easily bests some of its top competitors."
- Chris Kirby (Inspire Pro 1.0)
"Inspire Pro is a true-to-life painting experience for the iPad. It’s shockingly realistic and sure to keep you therapeutically entertained."
- Lauren Proctor (Inspire Pro 1.0)
"This new kid on the block is called Inspire Pro and it turns out to be even better than I could expect. Inspire Pro is a really enjoyable painting app which keeps the simplicity of Inspire, but allows us to paint at the higher resolution of the iPad screen. And it does it perfect."
- Luis Peso

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