Incredible Oil Paint Blending

Try Inspire and you will quickly see that it is a painting app like no other! While the strokes of a wet brush look amazing on their own, the breathtaking blending effects of a dry brush will absolutely stun you. Use a tiny bit of pressure to add a subtle blur to your artwork or crank the pressure all the way up to actually mix existing colors on the canvas together to create new ones!
Painting Menu

The intuitive painting menu completely disappears when dismissed and rotates to accommodate the current orientation of the device.

There are 8 hotspots around the edge of the screen that can be tapped to perform commonly used actions quickly and easily.

There are many different options available that allow you to customize the user interface to fit your painting style.
Color Blending

No need to tediously apply several coats of paint with different colors to achieve a smooth transition from one color to another. With Inspire, you can use a dry brush to blend colors together with a few strokes in no time!
Different Types of Paint

Brushes can apply different types of paint on the canvas, allowing a variety of different painting styles and techniques.

There are five different kinds of paint brushes to choose from: a flat brush, round brush, fan brush, palette knife and clumped brush. Each brush comes in many different sizes and can be rotated a full 360 degrees.
Importing Photos

Images can be imported from your Photos and positioned, rotated and scaled onto a new canvas. There are two different canvas sizes to choose from, rectangle and square.

Brushes can be loaded with different amounts of paint, including no paint at all for a dry brush. The spacing between each application of paint within a brush stroke can also be changed to produce a stippling effect.
Clumped Brush

The clumped brush is a variation of the round brush with some of its bristles stuck together in "clumps". Try using a clumped brush dry to produce strong and uneven brush strokes that can beautifully blend paint colors together.
Flat Brush

The flat brush has an elliptical shape that can produce a variety of different brush strokes using the same rotation. Its shape also allows different amounts of blending with the same amount of pressure, depending on the direction of the brush stroke.
Color Picker

Choose any paint color you can dream of quickly and easily with the natural color picker. You can also readily compare the currently selected color to the new one, side-by-side.
Tips and Tricks

Aside from the 10 helpful tips and tricks you can refer to right from within the app, Inspire has tons of in-app help throughout all of the menus, just in case you need it!
Color Palettes

Your latest colors are saved automatically as you paint and you can also save your favorite colors while painting with drag and drop.
Palette Knife

The palette knife is unlike any of the other brushes and can add a whole new dimension to any painting. Paint actually "breaks" as it depletes off the knife, allowing techniques such as layering and the creation of textures. Using it dry produces a very uniform and smooth type of blending.
Fan Brush

The fan brush is a very thin and curved brush that is great for adding fine details to a painting. Its shape can also be leveraged to produce a wide variety of different strokes, especially with different rotations.
Transparent Colors

Transparent paint colors can be chosen from the color picker to simulate a glazing effect. This can be very useful for adding subtle details, textures and layers to a painting.
Eye Dropper

The eye dropper is useful for selecting a new paint color from the canvas, especially for colors that have been created by blending. It can be invoked from the painting menu or using a tap and hold gesture.
Dry Brush Pressure

Varying amounts of pressure can be used with a dry brush to achieve many different kinds of blending effects. A small amount of pressure can be used to create a subtle blur, while a large amount can actually mix paint colors on the canvas together.

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