(Inspire 2.0)
"To me, Inspire has always been a Must-Have for whoever enjoys fingerpainting and with this update, I can tell you Inspire is one of the most enjoyable painting apps in the store. Yes, a must have without any doubt!"
- Luis Peso Graphics Software (Inspire 1.5)
"Inspire was one of my favorites out of all the iPhone painting apps I've reviewed so far."
- Sue Chastain

applicationiPhone (Inspire 1.5)
"Inspire, développé par KiwiPixel, est sans conteste un outil extraordinaire dont la facilité d’utilisation et la crédibilité de ses rendus va en ravir et en surprendre plus d’un."
"Inspire, developed by KiwiPixel, is without any doubt a remarkable tool with such ease of use and realistic rendering that it will amaze and surprise many iPhone owners."
- Camille Orfila

The iPhone App Review (Inspire 1.3)
"Hands-down, Inspire is the most addictive and fun painting app available for the iPhone..."
- Michael Essany

iPhoneWorld (Inspire 1.3)
"If you like to doodle or paint, this is a great program and well worth the $4.99 price."
- Tony Rust

All About iPhone (Inspire 1.2)
"’s like the other painting apps are kids crayons and this is a proper set of Artists oils. You can almost smell the linseed oil."
- Andy Cook (Inspire 1.1)
"Very enjoyable painting app. The blending feature is awesome... To anyone looking for a similar to Painter painting experience on the iPhone, I strongly recommend Inspire."
- Thierry Schiel

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